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Welcome to the Photo Archive

a part of Photographers-Resource.co.uk

The Photo Archive, as its name suggests, is a collection of old photographs, many from over 100 years ago. They are really useful in seeing how things have changed or in researching the local history of a place, building or other item.

This archive has a growing number of divisions, think of it as separate collections, each on a theme, and more will be added over time. An individual photo in the archive can be included in more than one collection.  Just click on the title on the right to select an archive.   -------->

By building this as collections it should make it more relevant to your researches and also easier for our volunteers to build and maintain. We have made the colour scheme different to our other sites so you know you are in the archive.

ALL of the images here are covered by Creative Commons Licences, this means you can use them for your own use, include them in personal or organisations websites and the like, but some may have restrictions in use for commercial purposes. The only restrictions are that you must show a link back to this resource by them, and you cannot sell them, include them in compilations you are going to sell etc. Our help section explains this further, as well as a having keys and much more.

We believe all these images are either Creative Commons or Public Domain images, if you disagree and think you have a claim on them, then first think about if it really matters, in many cases the size of image and resolution we have available may not challenge an archive you might at some time wish to sell, and wouldn't it be better that people have the chance to see and use these images, than them being filed away and most likely eventually lost. If you still object to it being here we will investigate your objection, we have a page on this, and how to send us the information we need in order to determine if your claim is right or not. If you want to find out more then please see the page in the Help Section.

If you think we have a photo misclassified, and it's of another place, then please let us know there is more information on this as well, in the Help Section.

If you have old photos that you feel should be included in our archive then the Help Section has a page on that as well.

If you have the time to become involved in helping us build this archive or may have, then we would love to hear from you, even if its a bit of help occasionally or you want to take on a whole new collection. You don't need any computing skills and we can work with you in so many ways to suit your preferred way of working. We have more information on this in the Help Section.

Help Section

Divisions of the archive (collections)

  • Large Photochromes from around 1905

  • Lighthouses

  • Windmills

  • Castles and Forts

  • Places - prints and postcards

  • Illustrations

  • People

  • Cartoons and Caricatures

  • Working Animals

  • Farm Animals

  • Native UK Wildlife

  • Birds

  • Fishes

  • Other Animals

  • Plants

  • Vehicles

  • Paintings by Artist

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