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Archive - Large Photochromes

Large Photocromes from around 1905

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Progress:- We have around 1540 Photochromes in total so far, across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, indexed by county.  We are still sourcing small numbers of  Photochromes, so the collection will continue to grow.

Photochrome Archive

The next best thing to a time machine

Introducing Photochromes

Colour photography, as we know it, was not available until the second half of the 20th century, while colour Photochromes date from over 50 years earlier, most being produced between the last few years of the 19th century (1890's) until early into the 20th century.

We have high resolution scans from surviving printed editions of over 1,500 of these images covering England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. We also have access to a selection of the originals that are a part of the Camera Images GBpictures Archive, one of the finest art collections. We are grateful to them for permission to include and licence, under a Creative Commons Licence, images up to the sizes we have available.

Generally we have the original scans or photos of them, or with only minor editing. We do have access to restored editions and you will often see them in the article and location pages within Photographers Resource.

Time Travel Images

Your chance to see through  a unique window into a past time.

How to find the editions you would like to see

Images are arranged by county, just go to the county map, click on a county, either on the map or in the side bar and see smaller images, click on the smaller images to see larger versions.


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