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Reporting a Classification Error

It may be that you have seen a photo in our archive that you feel is wrongly classified, having the wrong place, wrong date band or something else wrong.  Information that you can provide to help us improve the archive is always welcome.

If something is specific, for example a change was made to a building, or there is something in the photo that makes it absolutely wrong, then this is the most important to question, as either the photo shows history to be recorded incorrectly, or we have the wrong information on the photo.

We can often get a date it cannot be after, although getting the exact date can be difficult, so for example with postcards, if it was posted in 1906, then the images had to be taken prior to that. It may be a part of a set of photos and we know the latest date for some of the series.

The publication date of a photo does not often help, other than again saying it had to be before that. We have for example a book of photos published in London in the 1950's, and this includes some photos that we know existed in 1905. So they just used library photos and these had been around some time.

Clothes, cars and other items are also similar, it often fixes a date that it could not be before, but rarely can absolute date.

On the other hand sometimes we have a space in a photo where something is about to be built or even something being built that gives an exact date.

There are often many clues from the clothing, buildings, state of the roads, film formats, or some others that would allow more investigation.

We are always delighted to hear from you, and involve as many people as we can in refining this archive.


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