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Introduction to the Help Section

This help section contains two types of information, reference information like an explanation of keys in use to cover different things and a number of 'how do you' type articles, be it submitting images to the archive, becoming involved as an archivist in helping us grow the archive or in either using the images or objecting to us using images for some reason.

The  contents list should be displayed on the left, but if for any reason it is not please click on help above and this page will be redisplayed with its other parts, including the contents list.

If you have any questions we don't have covered here then please contact us.

This archive is free to use, images can be used for personal use but generally not for business, unless shown to be, and no one makes a penny out of this, we and the volunteer archivists are all volunteers, we don't claim expenses and do this because we enjoy doing it. 

If this sounds like something you might enjoy doing, whether you like to think of it as being an archivist or a time travelling detective, then check out the article we have on this, but don't put off making contact as we really want to involve you.


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