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Becoming one of our Archivists

Yes, Yes, Yes, we need your help. We are keen to include as many people as we can in this project, either working on their own project, or as a part of a team effort. Its interesting, can be exciting when discoveries are made, and need not cost you a single penny, so it can be the ideal hobby.

On the other hand if you wish you can take your new interest to the next level and either get actively involved in getting more collections, from field research, identifying for sure, places and seeing what, if anything, exists now, and may be in spreading information, telling organisations, individuals, taking part in radio shows and in other ways.

You decide what you want to be involved in and we encourage you, we won't pressurise anyone into doing anything they don't want to.

Talk to us about what interests you, what you would like to do, if you know, and how much time you have available. Although we all know a person who is already busy can somehow always get another task done, while others complain they are bored and there's nothing to do. Have you noticed how busy people always seem to be happy people.

When we say volunteers, we mean just that, we have no funds, don't sell anything, so far have not gone after grants or anything similar. So we can't pay anyone anything, not expenses, not a penny. But look at it this positive way, we are also not going to be asking you to spend half your time fund raising, as we don't do any. We just get on with what we enjoy doing.

You don't need any experience, any qualifications, there are no restrictions of any type, age, sex, size, and you will find that when you take an interest in an area, you become 'The' Expert in this area very quickly.  Over time of course the depth of knowledge that you have and the more bits of the jigsaw fit into place.

So where do you start, just contact us and tell us you are interested and we will talk to you about how you can become involved.


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